The Guided Approach

Our job is helping you construct and tell your story so that it’s ringing in your audiences’ minds and they’re nodding, yes. A lot’s required to make that happen. You need an experienced strategist to plot the course. You need someone creative . . . and a bit realistic. You need a leader who can take charge and run with a project.

  Guided Message
  ✔ Experience
✔ Creativity
  ✔ Leadership

On message. On mind.
We design all of our projects from the ground up based on clients’ specific needs. We can’t even spell temp-plate. Even for a simple press release, we’ll quiz on your overall marketing objectives, competition, customers, and product or service benefits. We’re not trying to upsell you. We’re dedicated to building individual strategies that get the most bang for your investment.

Getting Mindshare
“We need a press release!” A common request. Today, new technology plus imagination gives us an array of new ways to more successfully communicate with reporters, customers and other audiences. We’ll draw from these and traditional tools to map a strategy that gives you the best advantage for your resources.

Some things we’re passionate about:

  • The message drives the communication – it must be heard, understood, remembered.
  • Clear, credible, persuasive communications will make customers and news media believe.
  • Strategy comes first to ensure our tactics hit the goal dead center and complements your organization’s overall marketing direction

Sound Counsel
Our senior PR experience and leadership can help you analyze and navigate changing environments, opportunities and pitfalls on your communications landscape. Some examples off the top of our heads:

  • A bio-tech start-up wants to know how to make mark on a limited budget.
  • A growing organization needs help to design and establish an in-house PR program.
  • A tech-firm moving into a new market need an overview and recommendations on the PR landscape.

We’ve had enormous success – and a lot of fun – sharing PR skills with executives, marketers, engineers and others we’ve worked with. As are all of our programs, these sessions will be tailored for you.

  • Spokesperson training – Fear of interviews vanishes, while your company message emerges. Understand how reporters really work, and the secret to helping them help you.
  • PR 101 – Understand what makes PR spin. Get a look at how it’s expanding the opportunities to reach your audiences.
  • Blogging – Learn to confidently write your own Internet column, sharing your experience, know-how and insights to enhance your marketing efforts.
  • Executive Coaching – Big interview? Post-keynote press conference? Press junket to promote new product? We can prepare your executive to eloquently deliver your story.

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