About Scott

Scott SmithAfter more than 30 years guiding PR programs at companies ranging from start-ups to Pacific Bell and Intel, Scott has the capabilities to help organizations transform their messages into mindshare. He has built successful PR programs from the ground up; launched high-profile (and not so high-profile) products to fantastic coverage; penned articles, blogs, scripts and speeches; and conducted what’s likely the first completely virtual major product roll-out.

While it seems a little too amazing, he occasionally boasts of producing a press conference that ended with reporters jumping to their feet for a standing ovation.

As Scott’s added social media, video, webcasting and other tools to his repertoire, he still loves to write. Scott’s mastery of language, honed since scoring great reviews for his class stories from grade-school classmates, provides the foundation for reaching your audiences across any medium.

There are a few things you should know about Scott:

  • You may have noticed, Scott has a thing about messages, the root of an almost fanatical approach to getting your story across.

Too many messages is no message.
The message drives even clever tactics, not the other way around.
Messaging must be in sync throughout an organization.

Be assured, your audience will get it.

  • He has a liking for jobs other PR professionals will try to talk you out of. His favorite is having no news to offer a reporter, and still scoring ink.
  • He likes to run the show. He’s collaborative to a fault, but he’s used to taking the job and running with it.
  • He answers his phone and loves to talk about creative ways to win audiences – 925-566-4569.

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