Guided Message Communications can transform your story from the first scribbles on a white board into clear, credible and persuasive communications programs that will have your customers and news media nodding, yes.

You’re focused on keeping your business running and growing. You have little time and possibly expertise to refine your messages and develop the PR strategies that have reporters writing, the Internet buzzing and customers buying. Also, much has changed – is changing – since PR meant press release. Social media alone provides a bewildering array of options to master.

We get it. That’s the origin of Guided in our name.

Our approach revolves around the message. We’ll lead you in refining yours into potent statements that can capture the media’s attention and your customers’ devotion. Only then do we craft individual strategies to drive those messages home. Because our strategies are so slavishly driven by your messages, all of our projects, large or small, are customized, creatively so, to achieve your objectives.

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